12/25 [UPDATED]Routine Maintenance (Dec. 26)


Good evening DDTankers,


We will be performing maintenance on all servers on 12/26 (Wed) 10:00 A.M ~ 12:00 P.M, during which DDTank will be unavailable. Please refrain from entering battle, purchasing goods, or spending any type of currency when server is shutting down and log out of the game prior to the maintenance to ensure safety of your account data.


12/26 11:50 updated: The maintenance will be extended till 01:00 P.M.

12/26 12:50 updated: The maintenance will be extended till 02:00 P.M.

12/26 15:08 updated: The maintenance is completed, we have prepared compensations for the maintenance delay, don't forget to pick them up at the Event Center! Compensations will be available untill 12/26 23:59.


We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we thank you for your understanding.


Update content:

-Overall game optimization & bug fixes
-Adding new fashion resources to the client (Available timem will be annouced at a later date)
-Adding new modes resources to the client (Available time will be announced at a later date)
-Update to current Ranked Season schedule. Current season will end and reset. New Season S15 will begin on 2019-01-07 5:00 A.M., compensations will be given out at a later date.
[01-08 4:50 P.M. UPDATED]: Compensations is now available in in-game Event Center untill 2019-01-10 5:00 A.M.
-UI Revamp.
-Guild Mission system Revamp.
-Max Level is now 70.
-Trial upgrade system now implemented.
-Tower of Trials Adventure mode is now available.
-Pet Motivating(Potential) system now implemented.
-Limited Time Dungeons are now catagorized under multiplayer dungeons.
-Bogu Pirates, Machine Age are now unavailable.
-Adjust the unlock level for these dungeons: Raider's Camp, Shadow of the Palace, Steel Beast.
-Earning chance for multiplayer dungeon have been adjusted to be 1 per day, however unused earning chace will carry over to the next day, up to 5 limit.
-Players used to use different grades of "Weapon Token" to exchange for weapon boxes, now the system is unified. All Weapon boxes will be purchased by the same "Weapon Token", you may exchange your old Weapon Tokens for new versions in-game.
-Adjust the Exclusive Pack of VIP10.
-Threshold for gifting fashion items have been increased to level 60 & friendship 200.
-Name & Model Change: Lv45 Purple Pet "Dragonneer" change to "Winter Chick", stats remains the same.
-Outfit "Scorpio Set" will be temporarily unavailable to purchase in Outfit Shop, and will be available after later Update.