11/09 Pre-registration reward distribution


Dear DDTankers,


Thanks to all the DDTankers for participating in the pre-registration event. Currently, the distribution of the pre-registration rewards have encountered some technical difficulties. We are working hard to resolve the issue. At the same time we realise there is an issue with the pre-registration exclusive title "1st Shooter" that causes the title to not show up in the title collection interface. Please do not be alarmed, the title still exists within your account if you've already received it. This bug will be fixed during upcoming patch in the near future.


Additionally due to the sheer amount of players waiting to receive their pre-registration gifts, it will take some time to confirm each and everyone's reward. Reward distribution time have been delayed and have been scheduled to start sending them in batch once more beginning next week. Please check the in-game mailbox from time to time to see if you've received the rewards. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused and thank you for your patience.


[11/12 18:53] The issue regarding "1st Shooter" title not showing in the title interface have been addressed. If DDTankers are still encountering the same issue where the title does not show up in the Title Interface, please try restarting the game. The 1st batch of pre-registration reward has also been distributed. Following batches will be sent out as soon as they're ready. If you haven't already received them please don't be alarmed, thank you for your patience.

[11/17 05:00] In gratitude to all the support from the DDTankers, all players who has created a character 14 days since launch will be able to receive the pre-registration rewards! If you haven't gotten the rewards, remember to head to the in-game event center "Pre-reg. Rewards 1", "Pre-reg. Rewards 2" to pick them up! Reward claiming period lasts until 11/23 5:00 A.M.