DDTank Lobby
    DDTankers will spend most of their times here; the lobby includes all the functions, features, game mode that a DDTanker will ever need! Mode Select and feature buttons are located mostly on the right side of the lobby. At the top and top-left sections, DDTankers will be able to check their current Gold, Diamonds, Ticket count, as well as one's own profile. Surrounding game modes are buttons that leads to: Guilds, Shops, Missions, Jewels, Pet, Weapons, Fashion Outfits, and more (Chapel, Inventory, Crafting), most of these functional buttons will become available as one attains higher level.

TIP: Clicking on one's own character, pet, weapon while in the lobby will also open the corresponding menu!

Mission UI
    In this page DDTankers can complete all sorts of missions to gain experience and awesome rewards!

    The most important thing in the Mission page is the Daily Active Value tab! Completing the daily missions here will yield much desired resources! If one accumulate enough Active Value, great amount of Diamonds will be rewarded!
Battle Control
    Other than the basic move left or right buttons, DDTankers may see their HP, Energy, and Skill Items at the bottom of the screen. One new feature in DDTank however, is the new "Drag-n-Shoot" control. Easier to get going than the classic artillery control, but once DDTankers start reaching more complicated maps the classic artillery control advantage is still there!

To change the control scheme, DDTankers will only need to head to "Settings" → "Battle Settings" to enable it!

    Once classic mode is enabled, battle UI will now include a charge meter. In the classic mode DDTankers will need to calculate the enemy's distance, wind force, and angle!